A Quick Overview Of Cannabis Cultivation & Soil Needs


If it is legal to grow cannabis in your state for personal use, you may want to consider making your own soil at home. There are various aspects about cannabis cultivation to consider. Of course, this isn’t easy, and while ready cannabis soil mix is quick and easy to use, you never know what goes in the product. In this post, we are discussing the basics of cannabis nutrition and things growers need to know.

The macronutrients

There are three major nutrients that cannabis needs to grow – nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. If you buy ready mixes and fertilizers, you will find varied options, depending on the current stage of the cycle. Nitrogen is required for chlorophyll, while phosphorus is critical for phospholipids. Most fertilizers in the market offer these three nutrients, besides other micronutrients, which are also important for producing the best cannabis harvest.

The micronutrients

Besides the macronutrients, certain micronutrients are absolutely necessary for growing cannabis. The list includes copper, calcium, iron, Sulphur, boron, and zinc among others. Most of these micronutrients are available in natural products, such as kelp and coffee grounds.

Making your soil mix

For growing cannabis, you need to work on the soil mix early on, and for many growers, the main bummer is the actual upfront costs and time required. There are websites that sell organic ingredients, or you can buy organic cannabis soil mix too. The idea is to use the best possible base ingredients, so that there is no compromise on the aroma or flavor of the buds.

Selecting base soil & adding the basics

The most important aspect of making soil mix is to decide on the base soil. Organic soil is the way to go, especially if it contains compost, sand. Check for other popular ingredients such as guano, peat moss, coco fiber, rock dust, and perlite. Some growers also prefer vermiculite. You may want to enrich the soil further by adding natural things, such as fruit & vegetable peels, eggshells, and worm castings. You can also consider rock phosphate, lime, Epsom salt and so on. So, what’s the correct amount of these ingredients? It depends largely on the base or starter soil that you used, and you can take a call based on what your soil may be lacking.

As a cannabis grower, or someone who likes the best vaping & smoking experience, working on your grow from day one by prepping the soil at home is critical.

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