Comparing Double & Triple-Paned Windows: Check This Guide!


No matter whether you are building a new home, or renovating the existing one, you have to consider the best investments for everything. When it comes to new or replacement windows, there are a wide range of choices. Chances are high that you have heard about double and triple pane windows, but which one is better? In this post, we are comparing the options.

The basics

Talk to known installers, like Best Buy Windows and Siding, and they will tell you that both have applications and demand. Double pane windows, as the name suggests, have two panes of glass, while triple panes have three. Double pane windows are most common, and you will find them installed in many homes. In fact, there are only a few known installers, who specialize in installing triple panes.

Which one is better?

As far as reducing energy bills and better security are concerned, triple pane windows obviously have an advantage. Vinyl designs with either double or triple panes are ideal for most projects, especially when compared to the standard one-pane glass windows that are anything but energy efficient. Triple-pane windows are obviously more expensive and can help you cut down costs of heating & cooling your home. When it comes to soundproofing, both double panes and triple panes fare almost equally. In the long run, homes that have triple pane windows are likely to fetch a better price.

Find a good window installer

Regardless of whether you go for double paned or triple-paned windows, it will make a significant difference to your home as far energy efficiency and safety are concerned. Of course, you also need to get expert opinion on the matter. We recommend that you look for a reliable and known local installation service, ask them about the options, get an estimate, and take a decision that works for your budget. You can do well with double-pane windows too, especially when you don’t want to spend more. When you look for window installation services, ensure that they are licensed, insured, and have been around for a while. Their installation costs should be affordable and transparent, and if required, you can ask for client references too.

Final word

Both double and triple pane windows are great for home remodeling needs, and it eventually comes down to what you can afford. The latter is a better choice, but in any case, upgrading your windows always has many advantages.

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