Factors To Consider When Choosing Door Knobs


When homeowners decide to begin constructing their houses, they plan for significant expenses such as construction stones, sand, windows, perimeter wall, and gate. They do not put much consideration into the small details. The house owner considers doorknobs as small tools, which do not need most of their attention. But the truth is that just like other appliances, doorknobs deserve equal attention.

The customer needs to understand their house and their style. The type of house will determine the kind of doorknobs that will suit their home’s beauty. The most critical aspect to consider when choosing a doorknob is the level of security it offers. The types of doorknobs in the market are many, but choosing which one to buy lies with the customer.

Various types of doorknobs are in line with the latest trends. The latest trends include matt finish, antique styles, chrome finish, satin finish, and colorful patina on knobs.

The market offers two types of doorknobs. Those made for the interior of the house and those exteriors of the house.

Interior door knobs

These knobs are found on doors inside a house. The rooms that often use these knobs are bedrooms, bathrooms, and closets. Customer preferences are different depending on which room needs the knob. Some examples of these knobs are privacy knobs, passage knobs, and dummy knobs. Privacy knobs are ideal for bathrooms and bedrooms. They do not have a key; instead, they have a knob.

 They serve the purpose of preventing walk-ins. They are not ideal for outside doors because they cannot withstand a break-in. For passage knobs, they are mostly used on hallways. They have no locks, so anyone can open them by just turning the handle. Another type of interior knobs is dummy knobs. They do not need to turn to open. Mostly these knobs are for decoration or on cabinets.

Exterior door knobs

Hardware stores and reputed dealers like Sealife Cabinet Knobs deal with exterior products. Examples are keyed and keyless entry methods. Keyed entry knobs are locked from the outside, not inside. Each resident is given a key that fits the lock, so anyone who does not have a key cannot access the residence. Keyless entry requires a password to open. Those knobs that are technologically advanced use biometrics to lock or unlock a lock. It is advantageous to individuals who forget their keys quickly.

Below are some of the factors to consider when one wants to choose a doorknob.

Door Knob design

Door knobs come in many styles and shapes. These features make up the design of the knob. In consideration of shapes and styles, the customer needs to choose the style that suits their taste and class. Door knobs come in different handle shapes, which can be oval, round, classic, angular, and contemporary.

Some people claim that all doorknobs can fit any door, but that is never the universal case. The fact is a traditional round or oval door knobs are fit for any entry while at the same time maintaining a classy view. Also, the knob is easy to open.

The next thing to consider is the color. The range of colors is numerous, and wisdom is required to make this choice. The color choice depends on the door, chairs, wall, and other types of furniture.


The customer should choose the doorknob that offers maximum security like Sand Dollar knobsCustomers’ reviews are essential at this stage. They offer insights into their experience using a particular doorknob. If it is good, they will buy, but the customer will not be willing to purchase if it is terrible. Door knobs that are secure make people feel safe at home and the office. Secure locks on door knobs reduce the chance of theft.


Some door knobs are embarrassing due to inadequate locks. They have peeping holes that can cause humiliation to the residents when strangers try to peep—the peeping results in hiding away from the doorknobs. Customers should buy door knobs that are ineffective. This kind of invasion is an abuse of privacy. Sand Dollar knobs offer the privacy one needs.


Construction of a house and setting up the house décor is expensive. House owners should set a budget to regulate their spending. Once a customer enters a shop, they have a specific account for the doorknobs. Door knobs are essential in providing security, so finding the doorknob that fulfills this condition is worthwhile. This does not mean the customer should pay an unreasonable price to get that particular doorknob. The customer should try as hard as possible to adhere to the budget or the price one can afford.

Ease of use

No one likes a complicated doorknob. The best doorknob is the one that is easy to use, meaning it can be easily be opened. This factor is crucial in houses with children. Children should be able to open the door quickly, especially in times of emergency. This lock ensures their safety.

Type of lock on the knob

Some knobs use a key to open, and some require biometrics to unlock. So long as the lock is secure, the other factors are irrelevant. The type of lock will depend on the customer’s preferences.

Ease of installation

The best door knobs are those that are easy to install. Even if a handyman is required to establish a knob, it should be easy. The main measurements to consider when choosing a doorknob are the backset, the cross bore, and door thickness. When a customer is in a hardware store, it can be hard to tell the doorknobs’ brand. They can get this information by looking at the name on the metal plating on the edge of the door.


The customer carefully considers a doorknob that has a warranty. This warranty protects the customer. In this case, if the knobs are defective or damaged, the seller should replace them.

The purchase decision of a doorknob is a critical decision that needs to be made by the house owner, depending on individual needs.

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