Get a lovely & beautiful vegetable garden


In the French garden or the potager, nursery workers mix vegetables, natural products, flowers, and spices from remote times. For the French, the potager has always been the country partner of the incredible chateaux parterres. Potters are more famous than any other time in France; a 1994 management review revealed that 23% of the soil products devoured by the French are local.

In France

In today’s France, the configuration of the potager is usually casual or sentimental. A nursery of the nation’s minister, this personal and erotic style is equivalent to that of the English cottage garden but is focused on vegetables instead of flowers. Once motivation is a collaboration with nature instead of the desire to force the request. This project has been attended to by the impact of natural cultivation in France over the past twenty years.

Landscape Designs

Landscape designers of natural cuisines are incredible advertisers of biodiversity, and countless varieties of legacy vegetables have been saved for their efforts. They also make gardens where the neighborhood’s fauna, including winged creatures, insects, and even reptiles, are comfortable. Their nurseries are often called “regular” because of their simple abundance and speed. The danger is that, as in Emerson’s bean fix, consideration for every individual implies that weeds will eventually cover the vegetables! Each caretaker must discover his difference from the rest of nature.

Collecting Vegetables

Collecting vegetables without decimating planting projects is a test in a formal potter, even less in the sentimental assortment, with its more affluent development. Two procedures can help:

Plots on the edges with differentiating plants, including spices and flowers, will cover the exposed points as the season progresses. Choose assortments according to the size of the nursery. Keep perennials in free movement within the boundaries with covered pieces of metal or plastic.

Following the collection, use quick fillers, for example, chervil or cut and return serving mixed vegetables. A large part of the latter is self-planting and can be moved effectively to fill the holes when needed. Green droppings that develop quickly are ideal: both mustard (Brassica) and (Phacelia tanacetifolia) are great choices in France, both of which are extreme and beautiful in bloom.

The Ceramists Designs

Ceramists are embroidered in shades and curls. The mixture of spices, flowers, and natural products with vegetables requires a careful situation of the perennials to not interfere with the development of occasional crops. Small trees of organic products usually remain at the potter’s edge, along paths and partitions, with strawberries, annual spices, or flowers planted at their feet.

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