Get Your Bathroom Look Soaring With These 5 Tips


The bathroom is a room that we all use daily. You can also see it as the one room in your house where you spend more of your time than anywhere else (or at least, most people do).

It’s no surprise then that many homeowners find themselves wanting to remodel their bathrooms often. If you’re looking for some ideas, here are few tips from our blog:

Let’s have a look:

– Decide on a budget. It’s important to know your limit before remodeling so that the project doesn’t get too costly and out of control.

– Create a bathroom plan using online tools like Houzz, Pinterest, or YouTube for inspiration. This will help get ideas in order and know what things are considered good design choices within this space.

– Think about how much time you want to spend cleaning up after yourself (or someone else). If it is an issue, try looking at tiles with more grout lines or using glass instead of ceramic tile floors for easier scrubbing potential when they need to be cleaned again.

Also, consider adding downlights above the mirror over the sink if there isn’t one already.

– Consider how you want to feel in the bathroom when using it from a design and aesthetic perspective. Do you want it to be more serene or calming? That can influence your choice of colors, textures, and finishes within this space.

– A small touch that will make all the difference is adding some plants for life on the window sill above the sink (or if there’s not enough natural light).

They are low maintenance, so they won’t take up any time caring for them each day while still giving off a refreshing vibe during those morning hours before work begins again! Plus, they also help purify the air, which means fresher breath for everyone who breathes here too!

Get it done in one day or less–this is not a DIY job, so if you’re doing it yourself, make sure to enlist friends for help and move quickly. If there’s no other option than hiring a contractor, find someone who specializes in small bathrooms (small projects = lower costs!).

And don’t forget about fixtures! You should consider adding rock accents to walls or tiles for additional interest as well as updating sinks/vanities too. If money isn’t an issue but expertise is what you need, hire a design expert to consult on the remodel.

You should definitely check out BGI Construction for your bathroom remodeling needs!

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