How To Make Your Business More Welcoming


As a business owner, you probably spend a lot of energy making sure that what you offer is the best it can be. Gaining and keeping new clients is just as much about the connection you forge with them as it is about the quality of your products or services. Taking small steps to make your business more welcoming to guests is crucial to success.

Increase Curb Appeal

How comfortable potential clients or customers feel starts before they ever walk in the door. A nondescript building and an otherwise lackluster appearance can make your company utterly forgettable. Curb appeal is not just for homeowners trying to sell their houses. How your building looks to visitors inevitably makes your first impression for you. Keep your building in good shape, and invest in landscape maintenance services Kent to ensure that the lawn is beautiful and the hedges are properly trimmed.

Greet Every Guest

Every person who walks through the front door should feel as if his or her presence is wanted. The front desk or receptionist is tasked with giving guests this experience. They should be greeted warmly and promptly assisted. Wait times should be kept to a minimum in order to respect their schedules. If guests must wait, have beverages available to offer them or encourage them to look around or find a comfortable place to sit until you are ready to assist them.

Listen for Needs

Just as every customer is unique, so is every interaction. The reason one person buys a certain item may be completely different from the motivation of someone else. For example, one guest may purchase a nice dress as a present for a friend while others may buy the exact same garment for themselves. Listening to the story behind what they are asking for is crucial to serving their needs well. It can make the difference between just selling a dress to a customer who never returns and selling a dress plus all the accessories that go with it to satisfied clients who tell all their friends to shop at your store.

Helping guests feel welcome is the cornerstone of good customer service. If you treat them well, they are likely to reward you with continued business and reports of satisfaction. It doesn’t take a lot of extra effort to make every person who enters your business feel special, but making a few small changes can make a big difference.

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