Mistakes to Avoid When Designing a Limited Space Bathroom


When designing the layout of a small bathroom, there is much to consider, as you wish to create a functional space that does not look overcrowded and is visually attractive. Here are a few mistakes you should avoid when designing a small bathroom.

  • Using Dark Colours – If you use a combination of dark shades, the room will look a little smaller, so stick to light shades of blues, greens or pinks and no more than two main colours, otherwise it looks too busy. When looking at small bathroom design, avoid dark colours altogether, as brighter is better.
  • Overcrowding the Room – Putting too much into a small room will always look cluttered, so plan for something minimalistic. Some of your essential storage could be on the upstairs landing, which eliminates the need for towel and bathrobe shelves, and make sure that the furniture you select is in proportion with the room.
  • Choosing Off-the-Shelf Furniture – A small bathroom is better furnished with items that are in proportion to the room, and if you look at mini-vanity as opposed to a regular size, this would be more suitable for a small setting. Storage should be made-to-measure to make the best use of the recesses and corners, and your local carpenter would be able to build something to fit.
  • Incorrect Use of Mirrors – It is well-known in the interior design sector that reflective surfaces add an extra dimension to any small room, so try to have one mirrored surface that reflects onto another that is on the opposite wall, plus you can also use the window to reflect light.
  • Seeing the Toilet and Sink as Permanent Features – Many homeowners automatically assume that a toilet or sink has to be located where it is, but with a little building work, you can easily move such items. If you had not considered relocating fixtures and fittings, this adds another option that might be the best solution.
  • Poor Illumination – In the event there is minimal natural light, you will need a powerful ceiling light, plus a couple of wall lights. Inadequate illumination will create a darker setting, which, in turn, will make the room look smaller.

There are many free resources online that can help you to gain a deeper understanding of interior design, and this will help you to plan the perfect bathroom layout. If you talk to your local builder, he can quote you for the bathroom project, and once agreed, he can begin the transformation.

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