Pool Fencing in Adelaide – Safety as a Priority


As a parent, your child’s welfare is of paramount importance.

Keeping your child safe is every parent’s number one priority. Teaching your child important life skills, such as riding a bike and swimming, are essential non-academic skills that most parents enjoy teaching to their children.

Pool Safety

Maybe you have a swimming pool at home and you are thinking of teaching your child to swim? It is important to think of pool safety before allowing children regular access to a swimming pool.

One way to keep your child safe is by installing a fence around the pool. Pools that have fences around them are much less likely to be the scene of an accident.

Frameless pool fencing in Adelaide gives you a variety of options, such as glass, that allow you to see the entire pool area without having your view obstructed by the fence.

Benefits of Glass Pool Fencing

Glass fencing is easy to clean, easy to install, and most importantly, hard for children or pets to climb, giving you the peace of mind most parents demand.

Most swimming pool deaths occur when people are swimming alone. Being safe in the knowledge that your swimming pool is secure is important.

Only a strong impenetrable fence can guarantee that your pool is a safe environment.

When buying pool fencing, consider some additional pool safety equipment such as:

  • Lifejacket
  • Swimming pool safety ring
  • Body hook
  • Rope
  • Body board/stretcher
  • First Aid Kit

Swimming is such a great example of a useful life skill that parents can teach their children. Taking swimming lessons at a local swimming baths from a trained professional is a good way to ensure your child has a good grounding in the main strokes and is immersed in swimming skills form an early age before they swim at home.

Examples of the benefits of swimming are many, including:

  • Cardiovascular – swimming increases heart-rate, improving overall health
  • Coordination – children who swim can often be shown to be more coordinated than children who don’t swim
  • Muscle strength – as swimming uses so many of the muscles in the body, is there any exercise that is better overall for the human body?

Being adequately prepared for accidents is important in ensuring the safety of you and your loved ones. Statistics show that people are 75% more likely to die in a swimming pool that doesn’t have decent safety equipment.

Spending a few extra dollars on this vital equipment could save the life of a loved one.

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