Storage Tips to Keep Your Home Office Organized


A home office space is incomplete without proper storage. If you don’t have anywhere to put your things, you will likely end up working in other spaces and leaving a trail of documents all over your house. If you want an uncluttered office space that also looks great, here are a few tips to maximize your home office storage.

Try a Closing Work Cabinet

A closing cabinet with a ledge is great for anyone who wants to tuck their work items away at the end of the day. If you have limited space, opting for a stand-alone cabinet turns an attractive piece of furniture into an all-in-one workspace. The best part is that you can place the cabinet anywhere in your house. If you don’t like the idea of working in your bedroom, position the cabinet in the dining room or next to that picture window in your living room.

Free up Desk Space

There is a reason cubicles usually include some type of cork material. Vertical storage is essential for small working spaces. If you press your desk against the wall, you can hang folders, baskets and organizers on the wall for easy access. Also, your desk itself can be a trove of storage opportunities. Make sure that your desk is equipped with plenty of drawer space of varying sizes to fit your storage needs. If you run out of space in the desk storage, add a rolling cart nearby that’s stocked with similar items. The cart should serve as few purposes as possible. For example, if you are an artist, use the cart only for different types of paper or brushes. This will keep your work items off your desk in a designated area.

Use Open shelves

If you’re short on space, open shelving is a great option for those who can keep it tidy. For example, floating shelves will give you extra storage and won’t take up valuable real estate. If you decide on open storage, gather your attractive items and put them on display. This is a great excuse to replace your drab office supplies with more attractive options. If your binders, folders, and trays have a beautiful design or finish, you won’t mind keeping them on your walls. Another idea is to put your paper clips, thumbtacks and sticky notes into pretty containers that your can place on the shelves.

The type of storage you use should be top of mind when designing your home office. Although you want your office to be functional, there are plenty of ways to incorporate style and personality as well.

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