Using Dishwasher in an Appropriate Manner can Save Water and Energy


Dishwashers are an essential component of every kitchen. Not because it is a symbol of status, but also because it saves time and hassle. Who wants to keep washing dishes while sweating in summers or soak their hands in cold freezing water every night? Frequent usage of liquid detergent damages your hand. Your skin becomes rough which includes another expense of manicure every month.

A time saving economic and friendly machine is what we need. However, we just need to find the right retailer that can provide a suitable range of dishwashers at affordable prices. Mes Electros is an appliance sales, repair, and service center that has been in business for 47 years. They started their business as repair and service center from Sherbrook, Quebec, Canada, later they expended their sales business and service center in Drummondville, Granby, Victoriaville, St. Hubert and Trois Rivieres. Their products are not only affordable, but they have a wide range of home appliances that solve all-purpose. Their team is knowledgeable and provides professional advice which is always helpful.

I got myself LG stainless steel dishwasher LDP6797ST from their online store at an affordable price. It has a QuadWash system that cleans dishes from four sides, maintaining hygiene and proper sanitization. The best function is its silent mode which allows my family to sleep tight at night. The easy rack system allows shelves to be adjusted according to the size of the dishes. It is a perfect solution to a happy and germ-free world.

Some people are reluctant in buying dishwashers because they feel it wastes water. Whenever it washes dishes it doesn’t reuse water. However, in my opinion, that is simply in your control.

There are various ways of saving water while using a dishwasher –

  • Use the dishwasher only when it is fully loaded. This way you will use liquid detergent, water and electricity just one time a day.
  • Some machines have features like half loaded and fully loaded. If you choose half loaded function, the consumption of water and liquid detergent is done accordingly by the machine.
  • Adjust your dishes properly so that all items are cleared at one go and you don’t need to wash them again. Keep the large objects at the back of the rack add small items in front, this way water will reach all surfaces properly.
  • Rinsing your dishes beforehand is not required because that will be done by dishwasher too. Instead, wipe the dishes with a wet cloth or tissue paper to remove food extracts.

Apart from these important steps, you should also consider certain things during purchase. Buy the right size of dishwasher that is required for your family. If your family is of four members, then a large unit will solve the purpose, buy in a small family a large unit will only occupy space, more water consumption, electricity, etc.  Look out for energy rating that also helps in energy saving.

If you can manage these few things, you can surely help in reducing your water as well as electricity bill. Also, you can enjoy some time with your family while the dishwasher is doing its job.

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