What is a Sash and Case Window?


If you are looking at different window options for your home, you’ll know that there is a wide variety out there to choose from. There are different considerations that you have to make when choosing new windows. Do you want to go straight for style and aesthetically pleasing options for windows or do you need something that will provide you with secondary glazing noise reduction as part of the package? Always speak to an expert in the field before making a final decision but there is the option to combine the two and go for the style of sash and case windows that match a grand design of a property, whilst maintaining good sound reduction in the process. Here, we’ll look at sash and case windows and what you can expect.

Sash windows are a type of window that are made out of wood and move up and down. The sash is what moves up and down to open or close the window. You need to find out best sash windows Reading service.

Sash and case windows have been around for centuries, born back in the 1600s when timber sash windows were tweaked to include pulleys and weights and allow for the weight of individual frames to be balanced. It became a popular window type during the late 1600s and became a staple in households throughout the UK. For something as old and traditional as this, the function has remained similar and there is good reason for this. It is a classic style of window that looks great and functions well, so why change it too much?!

A sash and case window is made up of two timber-framed, glazed components. The case, which is the frame that the channels sit in, and the sashes which slide up and down those channels. Sash cords are attached to the sashes, tied to counterweights that are hidden inside the case and allow for a counterbalance. This makes sash and case windows incredibly easy to open and close and allows for the windows to be left open at whatever position you wish without worrying about the frame falling and damaging the glazing.

Sash and case windows not only look fantastic, but they offer brilliant ventilation options for any type of household, with the simple pulley mechanism allowing you to keep the windows wide open, half open, or whatever configuration is best for your home. This works really well in almost all weather conditions and climates.

If you have sash and case windows installed at your home, it is important to undertake regular inspections to spot for signs of any potential damage or future problems. Damage and decay must be dealt with as early as possible, as otherwise they can cause long-term damage to the entire window as well as bring in draughts and other problems to the home. Regular clean all areas of your sash and case windows and if you do need to upgrade, search for repaired or replacement sash windows from experts in the field.


For those in the process of looking at refurbishing their home or looking for new window options to spruce up a property, there are very few classier options than installing sash and case windows. They make a real difference to the pleasing aesthetic vibrance and design of a home and if you are looking for the best secondary glazing option to reduce noise, quality sash window providers can offer you the best glazing options to help with this too. Always go direct to expert suppliers who have the history of helping people with finding the best sash and case windows, as well as with secondary glazing for noise reduction. This provides you with the best of both worlds, the modern-day application of glazing to help bring peace and quiet, with the traditional style and elegance of a sash window.

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