What to do when Pigeons invade your Home


Pigeons can be a menace just like rodents are to the house. The only difference is that they have wings, but they can destroy the building system if left uncontrolled. It is the reason to consider pigeon control measures and develop actions that can prevent future infestation.

The Menace of Bird Infestation

Handling pigeon invasion in your home can be challenging. It starts as a few birds roaming your premises and later appears in large numbers as they are known to be fast breeders. Their droppings will negatively impact the roofing system and may cause it to collapse. The feces are also corrosive on metals and will spoil; the paint on vehicles at home. On the other hand, pigeons also carry over sixty types of diseases that they can transmit to human beings, especially children playing out in the yard. Unless you take action on them, they will continue building more nests around the compound. It will be dramatic if you have to yell at them every day to scare them off your property.

Dealing with Pigeon Invasion at Home

Pigeons can be a nuisance when in large numbers. Therefore, homeowners need to adopt innovative ways of dealing with the birds when they invade their property. Here are some techniques to use at home;

Reflective Surfaces

Light reflection can be a useful tool in deterring pigeons from settling on the roofing system. It will not cost you much to use the technique. The reflective surfaces will disorient the birds if they try to fly over and land on the roof.

Weatherproof string

A string running across the house can help in limiting pigeon invasion. Consider having a material that is durable and weatherproof. Whenever pigeons try hanging on the line, they will find it challenging to balance. In turn, they will

Have a Hawk Silhouettes

Hawks and falcons feed on the pigeons. Although it is impossible to have the predators look over your house, there are silhouettes that a person can use to scare pigeons away. It is a humane way to redirect them away from your home and to prevent them from building nests at your premises. Changing the models’ positioning will make the technique more realistic as pigeons can get used to them being in one place.

Spikes for Anti-roosting

Pigeons are fond of landing on ledges around the house. Anti-roosting spikes can help in deterring them from setting foot on your premises. They will find other places to settle on if you install the pigeon control equipment. Setting up the spikes is easy as you can use adhesive or use nails. However, the packaging will have instructions on installing it, and you can ask for technical support at an additional cost.

Limit Feeding the Birds

Pigeons will continue coming to your premises if you continue feeding them. Do not leave the trash can open or throw away crumbs in the front yard. They also eat fruits and berries; it is vital to harvest them early enough or use a net for protection.

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