Why a Work from Home Setup is Good for the Environment 


It might be frustrating to work from home if it’s not a setup you’re used to. It’s challenging to work with other people when you can’t see them in person. You would rather be in an office where you can collaborate with anyone without a problem. Although being away can indeed lead to some issues, some good things may come out of the setup. One of them is about the environment. These are some ways where this setup helps protect the environment.

People don’t have to commute

Cars and public transportation are the primary causes of air pollution. Since everyone needs to work from home, the use of motorized vehicles becomes less common. If you drive on major roads right now, it won’t feel the same as it used to. There aren’t too many cars, and it’s a good thing for the environment.

Industrial appliances don’t get used often

The appliances used in offices are usually bigger and consume more energy. Since everyone stays at home, people use less energy. It’s also a good thing for the environment.

Most transactions happen online

Another benefit of working from home is that everything is now digital. Most transactions happen online. There’s no need to print documents and use papers. Even before this pandemic, digitization of office transactions should have been a common practice. If there’s anything good coming out of this pandemic, it’s the idea of not using papers often. Companies made adjustments to speed things up, and using digital files became inevitable.

There are fewer business trips

While the lack of travel activities hurt the tourism industry, it positively impacted the environment. Business travels are virtually non-existent these days. Business leaders have to cancel their plans and decide to do all transactions online instead. No one would risk visiting another country to meet with potential business partners unless it’s necessary. People would rather work from home in between the risk of getting infected and the need to quarantine for several days. Again, the lack of trips is good for the environment. Carbon emissions went lower due to the lack of flights. Planes are among the biggest causes of air pollution due to the massive fuel consumption in each flight.

This work from home setup won’t be permanent. Once things get better, more companies will get back to normal operations. Besides, it’s impossible for some businesses not to go to a physical location and work with employees as a team.

Hopefully, the practices that help protect the environment will continue. We drastically changed our ways to stay safe from the virus. When it’s over, there’s no reason to turn back to our old ways.

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Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/smgTvepind4

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