Why Install a Digital Home Video Surveillance System?


Are you planning to upgrade your home’s security system? If so, a wireless video surveillance system can be a great option. Your home is where you should feel the safest and you should not overlook any security measure. A home video surveillance system is an excellent way to monitor what takes place inside your house and performs more than just protecting what is clear to you from intruders. Below are the awesome benefits of this system:

It is Wire-Free

Today’s home security systems providers use a secure cellular connection that notifies their locally-owned UL central station in just seconds. This guarantees your home’s safety and eliminates the fear of criminals cutting your phone line that would render your old system useless. Wireless video systems are easy to install and provides you with the option to move or add on to your surveillance system later.

Monitor your Home Remotely

Home surveillance systems let you monitor several camera views to ensure your home’s security and safety. You only need to download the application and view all camera angles from your smartphone wherever you are. Mobile devices, desktop computers, laptops let you log in to your security system from them and view live streams or access archived footage.

Improve Storage and Accessibility

The majority of analog surveillance systems use tape recorders for storing video footage. This reduces the amount of video that can be stored and ease of accessibility of the footage. But, digital video surveillance systems store all the camera footage on a digital video recorder or DVR system with ample storage space. Thus, also lets your security team store more surveillance footage with digital than they can with analog.

Offer Instant Alerts

A digital video surveillance system provides you with peace of mind while keeping you connected even if you are not in your home. Wherever you are, you will get instant alerts if the monitor is triggered, keeping you informed constantly. You can even have a ten-second video clip sent to your email each time a sensor is triggered.

Deter Crime

Did you know that most burglars will spend da scouting out your property and making a plan? You can prevent a possible break-in by having a visible camera placed in and around your house. Also, ensure you have a sign that indicates you have a monitoring security system in place. A burglar intends to break in with as little effort as possible. By having video surveillance in place, they may skip over your house and move on to an easier target.

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