Windows Looking Dated?


Is your home looking worse for wear after being ravaged over the years by the continual winter storms? Have your PVC windows and doors faded and are not looking their best? Don’t have the funds for replacement windows and doors? If the answer to all these questions is yes, please read on as I have all the information on a tremendous home improvement that will revitalise your property’s aesthetic qualities and make you proud of your home again.

A Great New Process

The simple but highly effective process I am referring to is UPVC window spraying that can transform, restore and rejuvenate any surface with this versatile method. Available in a wealth of colours and finishes such as gloss, satin, and matt, it costs a fraction of the cost to replace your windows and doors. Depending on the size of your home, it is usually completed within a day and follows this step-by-by process –

  • Deep chemical cleanses on all surfaces to make sure they are clear of foreign objects.
  • Removal of any silicon to ensure complete coverage.
  • Removal of any fittings such as letterboxes or door knockers.
  • Masking of any surrounding surfaces.
  • Keying of all surfaces for improved bonding.
  • Spraying of three coats, primer plus two additional coats.
  • Removal of masking and replacement of fittings.
  • Application of new silicon.

Most good businesses operating this system should then conduct and complete inspection and offer a period of aftercare to cover you should anything go wrong.

Further Uses of This Process

UPVC spraying is a flexible process. It is used in other business sectors; transforming shopfront gives proprietors a new lease of life in the commercial arena. In the industrial sector, cladding and frontage on any business unit when sprayed can impress visiting clients to the envy of competitors. A further example of the adaptability of spraying is that it is also an option to refresh kitchens and other internal areas such as conservatories.

A Superb Cost Saving

Whether you choose to revitalise your existing white UPVC windows and doors or change to one of the numerous available colours and finishes, the saving on offer is somewhere around seventy or eighty per cent. Spraying your fixtures will mean they are protected for the next ten years giving you peace of mind and a fantastic new look for your home.

Not Just the Windows

It is also possible to use UPVC spraying on the other fittings on the exterior of your property, facias, guttering, garage doors and any other areas. A great supplier will advise you of this when you go through the colour selection and pre-installation processes.

A Great Option

As the first thing, any visitors notice, the exterior of your home is an extension of your respectability, and it is frustrating that your UPVC lose their clean appearance over time. I hope this short piece has given you some information on this superb flexible process that can revitalise your home and provide an excellent first impression to neighbours and passers-by.

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